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Abby Hanover is one of the main characters and a secondary protagonist in Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Jennifer Stone.

Abby is a student at North Shore High School. Her rivalry with Mandi Weatherly is a heavy subject explored throughout the movie, as the two have had quite a troublesome past.

Being severely bullied by Plastics and most of the other students, she barely had any friends until Jo Mitchell showed up. Ever since, the two have had a powerful friendship, and even though they got into a few fights, they still maintained their 'BFF' status at the end of the movie.

Early Life

Abby was born into a wealthy family, as her father, Sidney Hanover, is a successful infomercial entrepreneur. Even though she could've bought anything she wished for, Abby wasn't spoiled as a child.

Since she was a girl, Abby loved to paint and her entire room looks like an amateur paint studio.

Her life got a lot more complicated as her neighbour, Mandi Weatherly, started to humiliate her. This caused Abby to become really antisocial, and ever since, she's mostly seen eating alone in the caffeteria, without any close friends to keep her company.

High School