Made out with a hotdog? Oh my god, that was one time!

Amber D'Alessio is a minor character in the Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Julia Chantrey.

Amber is a part of the Burnouts clique. It was written about her in the Burn Book that at one point she "made out with a hot dog."

Mean Girls

Video Game

Despite not making a physical appearance in Mean Girls: Return of the Plastics, she is mentioned by Regina George during the game, where she asks the player if he or she saw Amber D'Alessio's boyfriend, along with 4 choices of food: A donut, a chicken wing, a hamburger, and a hot dog. Therefore, the player must choose the correct answer for this quiz, which is a hot dog.

Behind the Scenes

It was originally scripted that Amber had masturbated with a hot dog. However, this was later changed among other things in order to obtain a PG-13 rating.



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