Who are you!?

—Betsy to her daughter.

Cady Heron's Mom, or Betsy Heron, as named in the script, is a minor character in the movie Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Ana Gasteyer.

Betsy is a research zoologist who was working in Africa for years. She is the mother to Cady Heron and wife of Chip Heron. Their family was said to leave Africa when her tenure with Northwestern University ran out.

Mean Girls

At first, she is happy for Cady when she makes new friends, but later on, when the whole school fights, she thinks she can't even trust her own daughter. Betsy is scared of Cady, as her husband thinks.

Behind the Scenes

Ana Gasteyer, the actress who portrays this character, actually attended Northwestern University, just as her character in Mean Girls did as well.


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