Candy cane
A Candy cane is a hard-candy shaped like a cane. In Mean Girls, students can send each other candy canes as a gift during Christmas, which they refer to as Candy Cane-grams.

Like mentioned above, students at North Shore High School are able to send one another Candy Cane-grams. Damian Leigh is part of the delivery team. Glen Coco famously receives four of these.

Cady Heron buys three Candy Cane-grams. The one she must send to Regina George. The other two she signs them with Regina's name. She sends one to herself, one to Karen Smith, and none for Gretchen Wieners.

In the video game, Mean Girls: Return of the Plastics, Candy Cane Grams (abbreviated as Candy Grams) are the main currency. The player receives Candy Grams every time he or she finishes a game. Candy Grams are used to buy Cliques and power-ups to keep with his or her strategy strong.