Caroline Krafft is a minor character that appears in Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Clare Preuss.

Caroline is a student at Marymount Prep, who represents her school in math competitions, alongside D. Alexander, M. Kratzer, J. Anderson and P. Pell.

Mean Girls

Caroline and her team went up against the North Shore High School's Mathletes in a math quiz. Even though her group did well on the first few questions, when Caroline was picked to go against Cady on the tie-breaker question, she failed to answer correctly, while Cady Heron surprisingly gave the right answer. She looked quite disappointed after their defeat, and was even seen crying in the background.


Being mostly recognized by her somewhat bad looks, Caroline has a messy shoulder-length hair and thick eyebrows. She also has a small moustache, red lipstick covering both her mouth and teeth, and wearing dorky glasses.

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