Okay, so one more time - she's never made out with anyone.. ever? Or this week?

Chastity Meyer is one of the main characters and the member of the Plastics in Mean Girls 2. She is portrayed by Claire Holt.

Because of her promiscuous nature, Chastity has quite a reputation in North Shore High School. Just like her two best friends, Mandi and Hope, Chastity has shown to be pretty arrogant and rude towards other students and she rarely ever thinks about consequences.

Chastity also shares similar traits with Karen Smith from the first film, as they're both known for being ditzy and dull-witted. 

Physical Appearance

Compared to other members of the Plastics from both Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2, Chastity is notably the tallest one. She has a medium-length, wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

She is almost always seen wearing pink colored outfits. She even has a pink Army uniform which she used to 'camouflage' herself with surroundings when she, along with Mandi and Hope, tried to sabotage Jo's father's career.

High School


Famous Quotes

  • OMG she changes her voice with ease! She has a heavy accent in real life.
  • I love ducks!
  • It's cute...
  • Ok so, one more time, she's never made out with anyone...ever...? Or this week?
  • How can you do that?
  • I'm not your slave Mandi!
  • I don't like you right now!
  • Yeah, a total saint!
  • Oh, Dirty Dancing?

    Chastity with the girls. Quinn in the back is not a Plastic at the time, but would become one.


  • Chasity is the only blonde in The Plastics (in Mean Girls 2), while Gretchen Wieners (in Mean Girls) was the only brunette.
  • She loves ducks which may imply that they are her favorite animal
  • Like stated above, her prequel counterpart is Karen Smith.
  • She played Emma Gilbert in the Nickelodeon TV show H2O: Just Add Water.
  • "Chastity" means "the state or practice of refraining from extramarital sex".