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He farts a lot.

Farting Guy is a minor character in the movie Mean Girls. He is portrayed by Jeff Moser.

He is a student at North Shore High School. He is in homeroom with Kristen Hadley, Cady Heron, Janis Ian, and Damian Leigh. He is already well known for his flatulence before Cady Heron's first day at NSHS.

Cady makes her aversion to him clear when she gives him a look of disgust, just after she is informed of his infamous farts when she almost makes the mistake of sitting directly behind him. If it wasn't for the other students warning her about his flatulence she would be permanently seated right behind him, as students aren't usually permitted to change seats once they choose a place, meaning she would likely have to endure the constant smell of his farts on a daily basis for the rest of her time at NSHS. He appears in a few homeroom scenes throughout the year.