Glen Coco? FOUR for you Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!

—Damian Leigh

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Glen Coco is a minor character in Mean Girls. Glen is a student at North Shore High School. He is presumably a junior as he's in the same class as Gretchen Wieners and Cady Heron.

Even though his character doesn't serve the plot in any way, a single quote from Damian Leigh made him a fan favorite.

Mean Girls

Glen makes his first and only appearance in one of the classes where Damian (dressed as a Santa) was handing out candy canes, with Coco receiving four of them. Damian's hilarious reaction, which can be seen here, became a huge hit on social media websites and even after a decade since the movie's release, it's still a common topic today.

Later released here, it says that the actor for Glen Coco didn't get cast, but he walked onto the set to watch the filming and get free lunch.


During the song, Revenge Party, Damian Hubbard says the famous Glen Coco line and the ensemble shouts "Glen Coco, Glen Coco, Glen Coco!"

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