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Hope Plotkin is one of the main characters and the member of the Plastics in Mean Girls 2. She is portrayed by Nicole Anderson.

Hope is also known as the 'germaphobe' of the group. She seems to be a very sweet and extroverted girl, but even so, she suffers from paranoia, anxiety and as previously mentioned, germaphobia. Hope also eats an excessive amount of food. However, she would gladly pass on the meal if she thinks that it's unsanitary and bad for her health.

While she doesn't really have a prequel counterpart, Hope shares some traits with Gretchen Wieners from the first movie, as they both like to gossip and have a similar sense of style.


Hope has no former background, but we do know that she's been a sidekick of Mandi Weatherly for quite some time now. Hope believes that being unhygienic leads to "ugliness". Therefore, she hates dirty places and is constantly using hand-sanitizer. The reason behind this behaviour is probably from the time she caught Mono from drinking fountain water. Aside from that, close to nothing is known about her parents, except that she comes from a middle-class family.


Hope has light skin, straight brown hair, and hazel eyes. It appears that she wears bronzer, shiny pink lip gloss, and eye shadow coordinated with her outfit. Her fashion sense is usually a blouse, accompanied by a printed skirt and wedges or Jimmy Choo flip-flops, the brand revealed when Hope stepped in dog poop while trying to sabotage Jo's fathers car, cried out "Oh no, oh no, oh no! there's poo on my Jimmy-Choo!". She wears necklaces, earrings, and headbands, all coordinated with her outfit.


Her actress, Nicole Anderson,also plays Macy Misa in the Disney Channel series Jonas L.A.

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