Huge Guy
Huge Guy

Deek! What up dog?

is an unnamed character in Mean Girls, played by Chris Ploszczansky. He is a Varsity Jock. His last name probably begins with a letter around H-L, based on his homeroom. Huge Guy is a Junior at North Shore High School. He attended Chris Eisel's Halloween Party dressed as a 1980s skateboarder. He was nominated for Spring Fling king, losing to Shane Oman. His vote for Spring Fling queen was Regina George.

Acquaintanceship to Cady Heron

He is in Ms. Norbury's homeroom, as is Cady Heron. When he arrives to Cady's get-together, which is well into the school-year, she asks "Do I know you?" She must know him, she is just upset that there are people showing up she doesn't want to. He even mocked the fact that Janis was previously in need of a wig, in front of her. He then negates her by walking in anyway and loudly saying hi to Deek.