Mess with me? Fine! Mess with my family? You're dead.

Johanna "Jo" Mitchell is the main character and the protagonist in Mean Girls 2. She is portrayed by Meaghan Martin.

Jo is a 16-year-old girl who lives with her father, a builder of race car engines for NASCAR. Because of his tough job, she has changed schools at least three times a year.

Jo is thought to be the sequel version of Cady Heron, the main character from the movie's prequel, Mean Girls. The two have many similarities - both were considered outcasts, they changed schools and had a rough time fitting in, and surprisingly, both got involved with the Plastics.

Early life

Even though Jo's past wasn't deeply explored, in comparison to Cady Heron, early in the movie, we find out that she lost her mother at very young age and has been living with her father ever since. She was never a great student, but even so, she was still ambitious and wanted to one day enroll at the university her mother attended.

Along with her dad, they've had a tough life. They were financially weak, as her father's job wasn't enough to support both of them.

Like mentioned before, she has continuously changed schools at least three times a year, before she finally settled down in the North Shore High School.

Mean Girls 2


Mess with me? Fine! Mess with my family? You're dead.

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