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"Check it out. Junior Plastics"

Junior Plastics are a trio of brief characters in the 2004 movie Mean Girls. Diana is portrayed by Megan Millington, Sasha is portrayed as Tara Shelley, and Shannon Todd.

The Junior Plastics are attended North Shore High School. Damian Leigh, in his senior year at the end of the movie, we see three cute and stylish girls walking together snobbishly. They looked similar to Regina, Gretchen, and Karen.

Who called them Junior Plastics, not to mention the grade as they were really freshmen.

Before the movie ends, they too nearly get hit by a speeding bus in front of North Shore, but the movie does show them getting hit as part of Cady's imagination.

Those girls were only seen once at the end of the movie, and not for very long after that.