What's up, Africa?

Kevin Gnapoor is a minor character in Mean Girls. He is portrayed by Rajiv Surendra.

Kevin attends North Shore High School and is captain of The Mathletes. With his forthright demeanor and confidence around women, Kevin betrays some common stereotypes about studious Asian and Indian Americans. Gretchen told him that Cady likes him but he doesn't like her back because he told her that he only dates women of color.

Towards the end of the movie, Kevin becomes a part of the Actual Human Beings clique and starts officially dating Janis Ian.

Mean Girls

Kevin has business cards which describe him as a Bad-Ass M.C. At theWinter Talent Show. The performing group is named K.G. and the Power of Three. One of the Three being fellow Mathlete, Tim Pak.

Lyrics from the song:

"Yo yo yo all you sucka MCs ain't got nothin' on me, to my grades to my lines you can't touch Kevin G. I'm a mathlete, so nerd is inferred, but forget what you heard, I'm like James Bond the third. Sh-sh-shakin' not stirred. I'm Kevin Gnapoor. The G is silent when I sneak in your door, make love to your woman on the bathroom floor. I don't play it like Shaggy, you' know it was me because the next time you see her she'll be like OHHHH, KEVIN G!"
Mr. Duvall: "Thank you Kevin, that's enough."

Memorable Quotes

  • "Hey Africa."
  • "Damn Africa, what happened?"
  • "Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang."
  • "Damn. I'd rather see you up there shakin' that thang."
  • "Look, I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I only date women of color."
  • "What are marijuana tablets?"
  • Kevin: "You Puerto Rican?" Janis: "Lebanese." Kevin: "I feel that."
  • "How do you like me now?! [rips shirt off] You like that?! Get some, get some!!!
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