Kylie George is a character in the movie Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Nicole Crimi.

Kylie is the younger sister to Regina George and daughter to Mr. and Mrs. George. Kylie is not afraid to dance provocatively just like her mother. She is very body-obsessed and often acts like Regina and Mrs. George who have obviously had a very heavy influence on her life-choices.

Kylie may have become an underclassman at North Shore High School during the time of Mean Girls 2. In the first scene in which she is seen, she is dancing to the 2003 song "Milkshake", which was also used in the trailer for Mean Girls. In one scene, where Regina and Cady are talking on the phone, it shows that Kylie copies ladies at the beach on TV. When the ladies pull their shirt up, revealing their censored breasts as Kylie does the same thing.

Despite the fact that she only makes a few appearances and that most of her one and a half minutes of screentime is from pictures and posters of her, she is a very memorable character who offers a lot of insight into the characters Regina and Mrs. George.

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