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Amanda "Mandi" Weatherly is the leader of the Plastics and the main antagonist in Mean Girls 2. She is portrayed by Maiara Walsh.

Much like Regina George from Mean Girls, she is one of the most popular girls in North Shore High School. Mandi is shown to be a manipulative, callous and cruel girl who goes to great lengths to get what she wants, no matter the cost.

As stated by Jo Mitchell, "her two sidekicks" are Chastity Meyer, the ditzy girl and Hope Plotkin, a hypochondriac.

Early Life

Mandi grew up in a wealthy family. She and a next-door neighbor named Abby Hanover have had quite a competition while growing up. Mandi could get anything she wanted, but Abby always had better things. For an example, if Mandi got a bouncy house, Abby got a bigger one. When Mandi came to a Halloween party in a beautiful peasant costume, all of the eyes would turn on Abby who later arrived in a perfect, hand made Marie Antoinette dress. This made Mandi extremely mad and eventually, out of jealousy, she started to spread rumors and humiliate Abby whenever she got a chance.

Physical Appearance

Mandi has curly brown medium length hair. She has a slim hourglass figure and thin legs. Her eyebrows are assumed to have been plucked, and her eyes a perfect almond shape. She has shapely legs and a long swan-like neck. She wears very spring-like clothes with lots of ruffles and different prints.


Mandi's two enemies are Abby Hanover and Jo Mitchell, in which Mandi hated Abby ever since the two were little because Mandi could get everything she wanted, but Abby always had better things. Such as if Mandi got a bouncy house, Abby got a bigger one. This made Mandi mad, so she decided to try and ruin Abby Hanover's life. She started hating Jo ever since she rejected them and started hanging out with Abby Hanover. One example of Mandi's hatred for Jo is that she got her boyfriend Nick to tell her step-brother Tyler (who is also Nick's best friend) to use his car for his date with Jo. But Mandi  put a recorder to see what she might find out whilst they were on their date. It was revealed that she has never had a boyfriend or kissed anyone before. Mandi also sabotaged Jo's chance of winning the Thompson Bird Architectural Scholarship.

Love Life

Mandi's boyfriend was Nick Zimmer. The two got arrested after they stole the Homecoming Charity money and tried to frame Jo. It is also revealed that the only reason why she is in a relationship with him is because he's going to UCLA and Mandi said "One week in LA and I'll be a bikini model hyphen reality star hyphen awesome."


I already told you I don't pick up ogre's, also green is so not your colour.

Jo Mitchell, you have no idea how scary I can be.

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