Mean Girls

From left to right, Gretchen, Karen and Regina.

Mean Girls: Senior Year is an interactive experience in which you must survive senior year at North Shore High School as a new student. It is part of the IOS app 'Episode- Choose Your Story'. The plot follows a new girl, who's name you choose, trying to make her way to Yale university. To achieve this she must try to win student body president, competing against former pageant rival Regina George. On her quest to achieve acceptance into Yale, she meets Janis IanCady Heron and Damian Leigh, whom she befriends almost immediately. She also meets Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners, who are still loyal followers to Regina.  
Mean Girls 2

The loading screen

Due to the success of Karen's weather reports, she is now filming a media series entitled 'Karen Uncensored'. This leads to some drama and exposed secrets. The series follows on after the events of Mean Girls, when the characters are in their senior year.