Spring fling
The Spring Fling is a yearly event held at North Shore High School. It is actually a dance, thrown by seniors for the underclassmen. The highlight of the dance is, of course, the selection of Spring Fling King and Queen. Damian Leigh stated that the Plastics always win the Spring Fling Queen award.

Along with the crown, the winners also receive two gift certificates to the Walker Brothers Pancake House, which is a real-life restaurant in the state of Illinois.

Mean Girls

Spring fling voting

Damian dropping down a stack of fake votes

In the movie Mean Girls, Shane Oman wins the award for Spring Fling King and Cady Heron wins the Spring Fling Queen, much to everyone's shock.

After she was given the crown, Cady gave a speech which wasn't really required of her. During the speech, she broke her crown and shared pieces of if with the other nominees, which include Gretchen Wieners, Emma Gerber, Regina George, Damian Leigh, Janis Ian, Jessica Lopez, Shortest Girl and Bethany Byrd.

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