The Spring Fling Queen crown is the ultimate award of the Spring Fling ceremony at North Shore High School. The most recent crown was awarded to Cady Heron at the very end of the movie Mean Girls.

After she won the crown, Cady insisted on giving a speech, saying that the crown is 'just plastic' and breaking it into pieces. She shared the broken pieces of the crown with the rest of nominees such as Gretchen Wieners, Janis Ian, and even Regina George. She threw a piece of it to 'everybody else' as well, which was just a few people in addition to Emma Gerber, Jessica Lopez, Damian Leigh, Bethany Byrd and possibly Karen Smith.

Video Game

In the iOS game, Mean Girls: Return of the Plastics, the tiara is the most vital object in the game, consisting of ten pieces. The player must defend the tiara from a new group of Plastics who are trying to put it back together and become queen bees at North Shore High School.

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