Tyler Adams is one of the main characters in Mean Girls 2. He is portrayed by Diego Boneta.

Tyler is the step brother of Mandi Weatherly and the current boyfriend of movie's protagonist, Jo Mitchell. Much like Aaron Samuels from the first movie, Tyler is well known for his good looks and is considered to be one of the hottest guys in North Shore High School.

Early Life

Tyler's past was not deeply explored in the movie, aside from the fact that his father married Mandi's mother at some point during his childhood.

High School Relationships

  • Jo Mitchell is Tyler's girlfriend. The two first met during one of their workshop classes, where they were partnered up to build a birdhouse. Throughout the first part of the movie, they have a rocky relationship, and after Tyler found out that Jo was paid to be Abby's friend, he was extremely disappointed and decided to break up with her. However, after Mandi's devious plan to ruin Jo's life was finally exposed, Tyler realized that he made a mistake and the two rekindle their relationship.
  • Mandi Weatherly is Tyler's step sister. Even though they're 'related', Tyler's aware of Mandi's true nature and tries to avoid her as much as possible. Mandi made fun of him on multiple occasions, which caused Tyler's hatred towards her to grow.
  • Abby Hanover is one of Tyler's close friends. At first, Abby had a bad feeling about Jo's relationship with Tyler, as she knew that something wasn't right. However, as the story proceeded, the two grew pretty close and remained friends till the very end of the movie.